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Reseller Terms and Conditions

These reseller terms and conditions regulate the relationship between us if you sign up to become a reseller of our products and/or services. They are in addition to our standard terms and conditions and should be read in conjunction with them. By signing up as a reseller, you acknowledge that you accept these terms.

Words appearing in this document starting with a capital letter shall have the same meaning as defined in our standard terms and conditions, unless the context otherwise requires.

1. Relationship of Parties

You agree that the relationship between you and us is that of customer and supplier.

Accordingly you agree that you will:



not represent our relationship in any other way, specifically not as our being joint venturers, franchisor/franchisee or employer/employee;



not contract for or otherwise bind us in any way not permitted in these terms;



not make any representation about the Services or us other than those set out in these terms or on our Web site;



at all times conduct your business in connection with the Services in terms which do not contradict these terms;



sell the Services on terms which provide that your customer’s obligations to you are not dissimilar to your obligations to us under this contract;



will not have exclusivity in any region, nor the right to discount the Services without our prior written approval;



maintain adequate insurance as would normally be covered by a person carrying on the same type of business as you.

2. Payment and Pricing



You agree to maintain at least one Standard Web Hosting Plan or higher at the list price as appears on our Web site from time to time. In return we will provide you with the reseller prices as are set out on our Web site from time to time.



Should you fail to comply with the above provision then you acknowledge that you will no longer be entitled to any reseller prices and your account will be downgraded to a retail account.



We may, in our absolute discretion, provide you with a 30 day credit account for new purchases. If we do, you:


agree to settle all invoices (without deduction or set-off) within the 30 days permitted;



agree that should we not receive payment within the 30 days, we are entitled to:

suspend or terminate the Services and/or the contract to which unpaid amounts relate and in the case of termination, delete all files, including but not limited to, Web pages and e-mail messages that are residing on our systems to which unpaid amounts relate and/or

charge you interest on overdue sums (both before and after judgement) at the rate for the time being applicable under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.



acknowledge that we retain right and ownership of any domain name registered, any SSL certificate or e-commerce software requested on your behalf unless, and until payment is made, and if such payment is overdue we may deal with such items without restriction as if we were the full legal and beneficial owner.

3. Indemnity

You agree to hold us harmless in respect of any act or omission by you or your customers and to indemnify us in respect of any claims that may be made against us.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

The use by you of such of our intellectual property rights as is essential for you to carry on business as a reseller of the Services and solely for the purpose of marketing and selling the Services is hereby expressly authorised.


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