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Knowledge Base/FAQs

Welcome to our online knowledge base. Contained within this section you will find comprehensive information and resources to help you get the most from your Internet services.

To continue, you can either search for particular articles, or click on one of the categories or articles below.

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Total Articles: 166

General (8 Articles)

FAQ: What happens when my services renew?
Info: Payment methods
FAQ: Do you offer Web design services?

E-Mail Hosting (19 Articles)

How To: How to configure Microsoft Outlook Express...
FAQ: How do I change my e-mail password? (March...
FAQ: What is an autoresponder?

Web Hosting (53 Articles)

FAQ: Do you support Microsoft FrontPage Extensions?
FAQ: Do you charge for installing FrontPage Extensions?
FAQ: Can I use my account for commercial purposes?

Internet Access (10 Articles)

FAQ: How do I get started?
FAQ: What if I don't like QuickDial?
FAQ: Will the service be quicker?

Domain Names (16 Articles)

Info: My domain name is already registered
Info: Beware of Pressure Tactics
FAQ: Why should I register a domain name?

Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam (36 Articles)

FAQ: Why do you use two anti-virus engines and not...
FAQ: Can I restrict access to the domain level filters?
FAQ: Why don't you use the same anti-virus...

E-Commerce (9 Articles)

FAQ: What is SSL?
How To: How do I use my secure certificate?
FAQ: What is Actinic?

Search Engine Submission (15 Articles)

FAQ: Can I use different keywords on different pages?
FAQ: What are keywords?
FAQ: What is a search engine?


MailSend - Form to e-mail handler... (Rated 5/5)
How long before my domain name is... (Rated 4/5)
Do you support Microsoft FrontPage... (Rated 4/5)
Will my Web page(s) disappear from... (Rated 4/5)
What is SSL? (Rated 4/5)


MailSend - Form to e-mail handler... (18740 Views)
How do I remove the 'moving in' message? (18226 Views)
How long before my domain name is... (17443 Views)
What are the files in the wwwroot... (17337 Views)
What is SSL? (16711 Views)


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