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We have included below some definitions of the most common terminology used on this Web site and the Internet in general, and an explanation of some of the features that are included with our products and services.

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Access to Raw Log Files

In addition to the Web-based statistics you receive included in our hosting plans you also have access to download the raw log files and import them into another statistics program for further analysis.


Anonymous FTP

Whereas to upload into a private FTP area, e.g. your Web space, you are asked for a site-specific username and password, there are many FTP areas around the world that will let you view and download files without logging in, or will ask for a generic user id and password.


ASP/ASP.NET Components

We support a number of pre-built ASP and ASP.NET components. These components allow your code to interact with them to perform various functions such as sending e-mail from a Web site without the necessity of having to learn how to code advanced e-mail functions.


ASP: Active Server Pages

ASP (Active Server Pages) is enabled on all our Web servers. ASP can be used to create complex, dynamic Web applications such as shopping carts and searchable databases.



An e-mail autoresponder replies automatically to an incoming e-mail with pre-set text. This is useful if you are on holiday and want to let people know you are unable to respond to their e-mail immediately.


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