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Web Hosting Plan Features

The following features are included with all of our Web hosting plans, for no additional cost.

Key Features

Disk Space

Disk space is the amount of storage space you require on our Web servers. Each Web hosting plan includes a set amount of space. If you find that you require more space than your current Web hosting plan includes, you can upgrade to the next Web hosting plan at any time simply by paying the difference in price.

Monthly Data Transfer

Data transfer or bandwidth is a term used to describe the amount of data that is sent from your Web site to the visitor. Every time someone visits your Web site they download the images and pages that they visit. Each Web hosting plan includes an allotment of data transfer that can be downloaded in any given month for no additional charge.

Should you go over this limit, your Web site will continue to function, however you will need to either upgrade to a Web hosting plan that accommodates your needs, or alternatively pay for the extra data transfer as you use it. You are able to check the amount of data being transferred by visiting the statistics package included with each Web hosting plan.

POP3/IMAP/WebMail Accounts

A number of POP3/IMAP/WebMail e-mail accounts are included with each Web hosting plan. Using any POP3 compatible e-mail client such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express you can download your messages from our e-mail servers to your computer. Alternatively you can use IMAP to view and manipulate your messages stored on our e-mail servers without the need to actually download them.

E-Mail Features

1GB Disk Space per Account

We include 1GB of disk space with each e-mail account. This provides ample space for customers who only download their messages every few days. If required, you are able to upgrade the amount of disk space included with one or more of your accounts. For pricing information, please see the 'Additional Items' section on our Web hosting plan page.

Unlimited Aliases/Forwarding

Each Web hosting plan supports an unlimited amount of aliases, the text before the @ sign in an e-mail address. For example, you could have, and delivered to a 'sales' e-mailbox and have and delivered to an 'accounts'

If you choose you can also have certain e-mail addresses forwarded elsewhere. Using the example above you could have the 'sales' e-mail addresses forwarded to a dial-up Internet account to be accessed by another person, whilst having the 'accounts' e-mail addresses collected in an e-mailbox.

Optional AVAS Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam

Available as an optional add-on, AVAS is our dual anti-virus and multi-level anti-spam system designed to help filter out viruses and spam before it reaches your inbox. For more information on AVAS, please click here.

Catch-All Address

A useful feature of our Web hosting plans is the 'catch-all' address. This enables any misaddressed e-mail that is not forwarded or collected in an e-mailbox to be sent to a specific destination. This way if a customer misses out the 's' in 'sales' when e-mailing you will still receive the e-mail.

Global WebMail Access

Using nothing more than a Web browser running on an Internet connected computer you are able to send, receive and access e-mail via WebMail from any computer in the world.

SMTP/Outgoing E-Mail

Unlike some e-mail providers we allow you to use our systems to send outgoing e-mail. This means that all communication from you will always come from an e-mail address at your domain name, looking both professional and efficient.


If you have some common information that prospective customers enquire about then an autoresponder will help you save both time and money! By setting the text you want someone to receive when they e-mail a specific e-mail address our systems will automatically send it on your behalf, leaving you to get on with the other important jobs.

Site Management

Microsoft FrontPage 2002/2003 Support

As a Registered Web Presence Provider for Microsoft FrontPage for over 8 years, all of our Web hosting plans offer support for FrontPage 2002/2003 for no extra cost. By requesting the installation of FrontPage extensions during the ordering process, or at a later date, you will be able to take full advantage of the advanced features FrontPage can offer.

The extensions are also backwards compatible with all previous versions of FrontPage.

24x7 Access

With 24x7 access to your Web site you are able to update your site whenever it suits you, whether by FrontPage or FTP.

Custom Error Pages

If you have an out-of-date hyperlink on your Web site, or someone types in the wrong URL for a section of your site they will end up seeing a rather bland, standard 404 error message. We provide you with the ability to customise the error page so you can include additional information, such as a hyperlink directing the visitor back to your home page.

404 Error pages are just one of a number of error pages that you can personalise.

Statistics Features

SmarterStats Enterprise

Statistics are an important feature of your Web site. Without knowing who's visiting your Web site, where they have come from and which pages they are looking at you will be in the dark on the best way to improve your site.

Statistics packages vary from company to company, however at Net Energy Internet, we provide you with arguably the best package on the market. Whilst some providers will charge you extra for access to SmarterStats, we provide it to you for no extra cost.

For more information, including an online demo, please visit the SmarterStats home page.

Access to Log Files

If you already have your own statistics analysis package on your computer and would prefer to use that to generate visitor information, no problem. We provide you with direct access to both the FTP and Web log files for your Web site, allowing you to download them and import them into your own package.

Please note: The log files are rotated on a 7 day schedule.

E-Commerce Features

Actinic & EROL Support

If you need an 'e-commerce site in a box' then take a look at our e-commerce section for information on the range of Actinic and EROL products we offer. Both companies provide some of the very best 'out-of-the-box' software, allowing you to have an online store, up and running within a couple of hours.

No matter which product you pick, all of our Web hosting plans support Actinic LE, Catalog and Business from Actinic Software and EROL Smallstore and Business from EROL.

More information on Actinic and EROL products can be found in our e-commerce section.

Shared SSL Certificate

An important aspect of any online store is the ability to capture customer information securely. We provide you with access to a shared SSL certificate for no additional cost, allowing you to store online forms within a specific directory in your Web space so that they are protected by SSL when customers are entering sensitive information.

A shared SSL certificate doesn't suit everyone; Some customers will prefer to have their own certificate for use with their Web site which is why our Web hosting plans support Thawte SSL certificates.

For more information on SSL certificates, please visit our certificate page.

Development Features


Active Server Pages or ASP is a scripting language which enables you to extend the functionality of your Web site. Developed by Microsoft it can be used for various functions, such as creating a custom login system, with the usernames and passwords stored in a database, or to retrieve product information dynamically from a database.

ASP.NET is part of the Microsoft .NET Framework and is designed to create next generation Web based applications. With unprecedented developer productivity, performance and reliability, ASP.NET is powering some of the most advanced Web sites on the Internet.

Support for ASP and ASP.NET is included in all of our Web hosting plans.

Microsoft .NET Framework

The Microsoft .NET Framework is an integral Windows component for building and running the next generation of software applications and Web services. The .NET Framework makes it easier than ever before to build, deploy and administer robust, high-performance applications. Access to the framework and a variety of toolkits and controls is included in every Web hosting plan.


Perl is a cross-platform programming language enabling you to extend the functionality of your Web site by either developing your own Perl scripts, or by making use of pre-written scripts. ActivePerl is ActiveState's quality assured version of Perl and is supported on all of our Web servers.

Microsoft Access Support

Microsoft Access database support is included as standard in each Web hosting plan. This allows you query, add or update a database from ASP or ASP.NET using a dsn-less connection. If you require an ODBC DSN to be set-up please visit the 'Additional Items' section on our Web hosting plan page for pricing information.

ASP/ASP.NET Components

Included with each Web hosting plan is access to a variety of components, providing pre-written modules allowing you to extend the functionality of your Web site when used in conjunction with either ASP or ASP.NET. From sending e-mail from an online form, accessing information stored in XML or ODBC compliant files, or building a Web site tailored for mobile Internet users, you will find a range of components available for your use free of charge.

Additional Features


WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol, which is a standard for accessing the Internet with wireless devices, for example mobile phones. WML is a tag-based language, similar to HTML that enables the building of Web pages targeted specifically at wireless devices. All of our servers are configured to serve WML files, enabling you to create Web pages targeted at mobile users.

Server Side Includes

Server Side Includes or SSI are commands or directives placed in an HTML file through the use of a comment line. For example, with a simple SSI command you can update the design of an entire Web site. SSI support is enabled on all of our Web servers.

CGI-BIN Directory

We offer a pre-configured CGI-BIN directory in your Web space, enabling you to upload and run scripts written in Perl for use within your Web site.

HTTP Streaming

Included with each Web hosting plan is the ability to stream Real Audio/Video and Windows Media files via HTTP.

Please note: We do not provide access to a Real Audio/Video Server or Windows Media Server.

Macromedia Flash & Shockwave Support

All of our Web servers are configured to support Macromedia Flash & Shockwave, enabling you to make use of the technologies on your Web site for no additional cost.

Other Features

Unlimited QuickDial Dial-up Accounts

Experience a fast and reliable connection to the Internet with our pay as you go QuickDial Internet Access service. At home, the speed of QuickDial will provide a more enjoyable surfing experience as Web sites appear smoother and files download faster. At work, QuickDial can provide a business-quality Internet connection suitable for workstations, laptops, mobile phones and PDAs to access the Internet and keep in touch with the office when out on the road.

Domain Protect

Domain Protect is a complimentary service we offer to all of our customers who register or transfer in International domain names for use with one of our Web hosting plans. By using our Domain Protect service your domain name is locked at the registrar/registry level. This prevents anyone from making an unauthorised request to transfer your domain name to another company without your permission.

Money Back Guarantee

We want you to be happy with your Web hosting plan. If for any reason our service does meet your expectations we will give you a complete refund. For more information on our money back guarantee, please click here.

Comprehensive Support

An important, but often overlooked feature of our packages is the comprehensive support we offer. If you have any questions, problems or are looking for some advice, you are able to call us during our normal office hours, send us an e-mail, a fax or a letter in the post and we'll respond as soon as possible, usually within a couple of hours.

You are also able to search our extensive knowledge base for answers to frequently asked questions and helpful guides on getting the most out of your Internet services. We also have a range of interactive tutorials available which show you step by step how to configure popular programs e.g. Microsoft Outlook Express. All for no additional charge.


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