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QuickDial 0845 Dial-up


Experience a fast and reliable connection to the Internet with our pay as you go QuickDial Internet Access service. At home, the speed of QuickDial will provide a more enjoyable surfing experience as Web sites appear smoother and files download faster. At work, QuickDial can provide a business-quality Internet connection suitable for workstations, laptops, mobile phones and PDAs to access the Internet and keep in touch with the office when out on the road.

QuickDial Connection Settings

Telephone Number:

0845 123 2424*





SMTP Server:

   Key Features:

  • No monthly or annual subscription fees
  • Only pay for the cost of a local call
  • Use as often or as little as you like
  • No penalty fees for high usage
  • 1:1 Contention ratio - Greater speed
  • Your own e-mail account with WebMail
  • Connect at 56k, 64k ISDN or 128k ISDN

* For 128k ISDN connections, please use 0845 121 3853 as the telephone number and also use a unique username e.g. your surname to ensure the connection is bonded correctly.

Getting Started

Starting using QuickDial couldn't be easier, simply use the settings above and create a new
dial-up connection on your computer. Alternatively click on the buttons below to choose between an 'Access-Only' connection or an 'Access with E-Mail' connection. Whichever option you choose, you only pay for the cost of a local telephone call for the length of time that you're connected.

QuickDial Access with E-Mail


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