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The latest and archived news and press releases are available below as well as access to the current and archived issues of Energise, our monthly customer newsletter.

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E-Mail Migration
Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Starting in September we will be migrating the e-mail services of all of our existing customers onto our new e-mail hosting platform.

Whilst this is a process that will happen in behind the scenes, we will ask you to update the e-mail settings on your device(s) with new account information on the date allocated for your service migration.

To ensure a smooth migration of your e-mail services, we ask that you read through the "Migration Process" article below and fully understand the steps involved. As part of the migration process, you will need to update the account details on each device that you use to send and receive e-mails.

There are significant differences between the old and new e-mail platforms and to minimise and avoid issues during or after the migration, we also ask that you review the e-mail accounts that are currently set up with us for your domain name(s).

Over the next few weeks you will receive an e-mail with your e-mail accounts and e-mail addresses which we ask you to check in case there are any e-mail services which are no longer required.

To help reduce spam across the Internet and also reduce spam in your inbox, we recommend only retaining the e-mail addresses which are currently in use.

We will be offering technical support to assist customers with the e-mail migration, however due to the number of customers being migrated onto the new e-mail platform, we anticipate there may be delays answering your calls and a voicemail service will be provided and calls will be returned in the order that they are received.

Before contacting us, we ask that you carefully review the guides we will be providing and thoroughly check your settings, e.g. for misspellings or extra spaces. We also recommend rebooting your device after changing the settings as this can clear old settings which may be stored in the device's memory.

Please note: The migration process does not affect any other e-mail services you may have with any other provider.

Migration Process:

Please note: We will be carrying out the e-mail migration process for some customers during the evening and on weekends. Information on this will be provided in the e-mail you will receive in Step 1.

Step 1:

We will add your e-mail services to our e-mail migration tool and set a target migration date. You will receive an e-mail containing all of your current e-mailboxes and e-mail forwarding addresses along with a request to check that these details are current and correct. If you wish to make any changes, you may do so. You will also receive your target migration date.

Step 2:

If you have asked us to make any changes, e.g. to add, edit or delete an e-mail address, we will do so. We will also confirm your e-mail migration date. Your services will be set up on the new e-mail platform and you will receive an e-mail with your new account information.

Step 3:

One working day before your e-mail services are migrated to the new platform you will receive an e-mail reminder that the changes are taking place. If for any reason you need to postpone the migration you will need to let us know immediately and we will work with you to find an alternative date.

Step 4:

On the migration date for your e-mail services, we will update your domain name records and your new services will be live approximately 15 minutes later. It is at this point that you will need to update the account information on all of the devices you use to send and receive e-mails.

Step 5:

We will import all of your e-mail stored on our servers into your new e-mail accounts. You will then receive an e-mail confirming that your migration to the new e-mail platform is complete. Old e-mail accounts will be removed from the e-mail platform you were previously hosted on 24 hours later.

Please note: You will have full functional access to the new Webmail service once your account is migrated in Step 4 so if you have any problems configuring your device(s) you will still be able to send and receive e-mail by logging into Webmail.


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